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STEPS FOR XML REPORT 1)Develop the Report(.rdf) Only DataModel 2)Save the report and Compoile and Generate the data in .xml Format File=>Generate to File => XML 3)Open the Ms-WOrd document Design the Layout include the follwing Tool Bar options called Form and Templete builder 4)Define the Table and Specify the Titles and Labels whatever we […]


STEPS TO REGISTER XML REPORT IN APPS 1)Develop the .rdf file and .rtf file 2)Register both .rdf and .rtf file .rdf File registration : ========================= 1)Move the .rdf file into CUS_TOP11.5.0ReportsUS 2)Create Execuiteable Concurrent Program Output = XML Request Group Responsibility User SRS 3)Copy the Concurrent Program Short name .rtf File Regitration: ======================= 1)Goto the […]

XML report publisher concurrent program from backend.

XML report publisher At times you might need to take the xml output of an existing program and apply an XML Publisher / BI Publisher Template to it. The standard use case is if the output is generated by pro*c code/ a spawned or host concurrent program. The XML Report Publisher concurrent program can help […]

Excel Output From BI Publisher or XML Publisher is Trimming Leading Zeros in Excel Template

To implement the solution, execute the following steps: 1. In the rtf template, use the “Insert -> Symbol” function to insert a very small 0xA0 (NO-BREAK SPACE) character (font size 1 or 2pt) in front of the number string field. 2. One can also try: <fo:bidi-override direction=”ltr” unicode-bidi=”bidi-override”> <?format-number:INVOICE_NUMBER;’09999999’?> </fo:bidi-override>” 3. Another option: During XML […]

Deleting a template from back end

Deleting a template from back end declare    l_templateCode    varchar2 (100) := ‘XX_AR_XXXREPORT'; — Template Code begin    for r in (select t1.application_short_name template_app_name,                     t1.data_source_code,                     t1.application_short_name def_app_name               […]

How to Display Leading Zeros in XMLP Report – Excel Output

How to Display Leading Zeros in XMLP Report – Excel Output: Microsoft Excel has a tendency to display number format based columns with no prefix of ZEROs. For example, if there is a value ’007′ excel displays it as ’7′, excel display it as ’007′ only if the column is set in text format. You […]

XML/BI Publisher Template/Report Migration UNIX Scripts

XML/BI Publisher Template/Report Migration: Here are the simple steps to migrate BI Publisher Report objects ( Data Defn, Layout Template, Concurrent Programs etc ) from one instance to another instance. Downloading from Environment Download Data Template/Layout template metadata defn into file .ldt FNDLOAD apps/ apps 0 Y DOWNLOAD $XDO_TOP/patch/115/import/xdotmpl.lct <Defn_Name>.ldt XDO_DS_DEFINITIONS APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME=<Custom_Application> DATA_SOURCE_CODE=<DataDefn_Code> TMPL_APP_SHORT_NAME=<Custom_Application> TEMPLATE_CODE=<TemplateDefn_Code> Download […]

XMLP tables in oracle apps

XMLP tables: Table Name Description XDO_CONFIG_PROPERTIES_B Stores the XML Publisher Administration configuration properties that are accessible from the OA Framework interface. XDO_CONFIG_PROPERTIES_TL Translation table for XDO_CONFIG_PROPERTIES_B. XDO_CONFIG_VALUES Stores the values assigned to the property in Administration Configuration Data XDO_CURRENCY_FORMATS Stores the format masks for various currencies. A collection of these formats forms a currency format […]

How to change xml publisher default template

Steps to change  xml publisher default template: It is possible to associate one data definition with multiple layouts . In such cases you can assign default template for a concurrent program and this template will be defaulted while submitting the concurrent program. We have an option of selecting the different layout instead of default layout. For […]

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BI / XML publisher password protect documents

How to secure the documents in XML/BI Publisher : This is a very simple article. If you start comparing Oracle report with XML/BI publisher report then you can see some key limitations of Oracle reports that are overcome by BI Publisher Reports. Securing the output of a program is one among them .It is very […]

XML Publisher

Overview: Oracle XML Publisher is a template-based publishing solution delivered with the Oracle E-Business Suite. It provides a new approach to report design and publishing by integrating familiar desktop word processing tools with existing E-Business Suite data reporting. At runtime, XML Publisher merges the custom templates with the concurrent request data extracts to generate output […]

Display and change images dynamically in XML publisher

This article discusses about how to display images dynamically using XML Publisher. COMPANY  NAME ADDRESS REPORT TITLE CF_PRINTED 1. 2. 3. Customer No.. Customer Name Address Tax Category Number Name Address Tax Category Note :- We have to place Dummy Images on template like in above template. 1)In this option we placed image path Directly […]

Handling multiple layouts in Xml Publisher (.Rtf)

Steps for handling multiple layouts in XML. After developing the Report definition file (.rdf) we have to add one more parameter like follows. This parameter value should be assigned to Place holder column(CP ) like follows We can assign Parameter value either after parameter form or before report Triggers. In this we assigned in Before […]