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Oracle Apps Functional Online Training

1) Includes AR, AP, GL functional setups
2) Overview of Eb-Tax and Cash Management (CM)
3) Hands-on sessions included

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SOA: Create DB Connection with JDBC and JNDI

SOA Applications communicate with Database using DB Adapter. When SOA composites are deployed in weblogic server, they require Outbound connection pool to communicate with Database. A JDBC Data Source with Database connection details should be associated to connection pool. JNDI Name used for creating connection pool should match the value entered for database connection when(…)

BPEL File Adapter Tutorial

Overview: In this tutorial I will explain how to read a CSV file using ReadFileAdapter and then to write a CSV file using WriteFileAdapter. We don’t have two separate FileAdapters but based on the read and write operation we mention them as ReadFileAdapter or WriteFileAdapter. ReadFileAdapter will Receive the input data from file and translate(…)

BPEL Database Adapter Part 1

Overview: Database Adapter is a partnerlink in BPEL which is used to interact with Database for read, write operations. Using Database Adapter we can perform the following functions. 1.Call a Stored Procedure of Function 2.Perform DML operations like insert, update, delete on a table 3.Perform SELECT operation 4.Execute custom SQL Statements In this Article I(…)

Execute BPEL Process using ADF JSF Pages

Steps: 1.Get the WSDL URL 2.Build the JSF Page 3.Run the .jspx page Get the WSDL URL: Start your SOA Suite Open BPEL Console using http://localhost:8888/BPELConsole Click on the DatabaseAdapterTutorial that we developed in previous tutorial. You can download the code from here. Click on WSDL tab Click on the URL listed as WSDL Location(…)

BPEL Database Adapter Part 2

In this article I will explain how to pass parameters to the Database Adapter. This article is continuation of our previous Database Adapter Tutorial 1. Open previously created project in jdeveloper. Now Double Click the ‘FetchEmail’ Database Adapter Click the Define Adapter Service Icon Click Next Next Next Next Next Next In the Parameters Section(…)

BPEL Olite Database Connection

  With SOA Suite by default we get to install the Oracle Olite Database and in this article i will explain how to make a connection to that database explicitly from different tools Method 1: Open command prompt Navigation: Start >> Run >> cmd Then navigate to the directory SOA_HOMEbpelbin Once you are in bin(…)

BPEL Tutorial for beginners with helloworld example

After reading this article you will be able to understand the following things: What is SOA? What is BPEL? Difference between SOA and BPEL Advantages of SOA/BPEL Download SOA Suite “Hello World/ErpSchools” Tutorial in BPEL Compile and deploy BPEL Suitcase using bplec.bat Monitor the activities/instances/statuses in Dashboard   What is SOA? SOA stands for “Service(…)