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Procure to Pay (p2p) R12

Procure to Pay process which is also known as P2P cycle is followed by any organization in any ERP system if they would like purchase any products (it could raw materials, office supplies, infrastructure etc). Of course when there is a purchase there should be a payment. ¬†This entire process of purchasing a product and(…)

Procure to Pay Cycle Video

P2p process with R12 screen shots: procure-to-pay-oracle-r12 Article with 11i screen shots: Procure to Pay Cycle 11i Query: Procure to Pay Cycle Query

Back to Back Order Process

Steps involved involved in back to back order process in oracle apps Enter Sales Order Book Sales Order Progress Sales Order to create Supply Order Requisition Import Create Purchase / Inventory Receipt Pick Release Sales Order Ship Confirm   Navigation: Order Management Super User >> Orders, Returns >> Order Organizer   Enter Customer name and(…)

Drop Ship Cycle

The below are the steps involved in the Drop Ship Cycle: Before you create an order, you have to perform some setups in order to drop ship, which are listed in the below mentioned article “Drop Ship Setups”: Drop Ship Setups 1. Create Sale Order 2. Book Sales Order 3. Check Status 4. Progress Sales(…)

Procure to Pay Cycle

Diagrammatic representation of Procure to Pay cycle.   Watch the procure-pay-cycle-video Article with 11i screen shots: Procure to Pay Cycle 11i Query: Procure to Pay Cycle Query 1) Create Requisition: Requisition is nothing but a formal request to buy something (like Inventory material, office supplies etc) needed for the enterprise. Only an employee can create(…)

Order to Cash Process

order to cash process steps can be listed as below Enter the Sales Order Book the Sales Order Launch Pick Release Ship Confirm Create Invoice Create the Receipts either manually or using Auto Lockbox ( In this article we will concentrate on Manual creation) Transfer to General Ledger Journal Import Posting Watch o2c Video: Order(…)