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Folders in Oracle Forms

Folders in Oracle Forms: Folders let you do the below: 1.Control how you want the data to be displayed in the form meaning what columns should be displayed, what should be width of the columns, sequence of the columns, what should be the prompt for each of these columns etc. 2. Control what data should […]

Favorites in Oracle Apps Home Page

Favorites in Oracle Apps Home Page You can add forms that you use frequently to your favorites in Home page. By clicking on it will directly take you to the respective form instead of traversing through all the menu options to get to a form. Add to Favorites in Home Page: Go to Home Page> […]

Top Ten List in Oracle Apps

Top Ten List in Oracle Apps: You can add forms that you use frequently to your Top Ten List. Once the form is added to Top Ten List, just by clicking on it, takes you to that form instead of traversing through all the menu options. You can create a different top ten list for […]

EDI Codes in Oracle Apps

EDI Codes in Oracle Apps: EDI is an electronic exchange of information between trading partners. Data files are exchanged in a standard format to minimize manual effort, speed data processing, and ensure accuracy. EDI810 (Inbound Invoice): Used to import supplier invoices into your Oracle Payables system for manual or electronic payment. EDI832 (Inbound Price / […]

Table Suffixes in Oracle Apps

Table Suffixes: You have lot of tables ending with different suffixes in Oracle Apps database. Did you ever wonder what these denote? Listed below are the different table suffixes and what they mean. _ALL: Table ending with _ALL means it stores data related to multiple organizations. Such tables definitely will have a column called org_id […]

Frequently used Menus and Shortcuts in Oracle Apps

Every form in Oracle E- Business suite has the below menu and shortcut icons. This article focuses on explaining the most frequently used menus and shortcuts in Oracle Apps. Let’s get started then … New Icon: This icon is used to create new records in the form. Alternately you can also create a new records […]

Common Issues accessing Oracle EBS (Apps) server Java applets

Is your Oracle Apps Applet not loading properly? Try the below options. 1. Pop-Up blocker: Ensure that you disable pop-up blocker or add your hostname or URL in exceptions list. Firefox: IE 2. Majority of the anti virus softwares like Norton, McAfee, AVG block Java coming from Oracle Apps Servers. So Disable your anti virus […]

Oracle Apps – Application Short Names

APPLICATION SHORT NAME APPLICATION NAME FND Application Object Library SYSADMIN System Administration AU Application Utilities AD Applications DBA SQLGL General Ledger OFA Assets ALR Alert RG Application Report Generator CS Service EC e-Commerce Gateway SQLAP Payables PO Purchasing AR Receivables QA Quality CE Cash Management PA Projects AS Sales Foundation CN Incentive Compensation OE Order […]

FNDLOAD to transfer AOL Objects from one instance to other

The Generic Loader (FNDLOAD) is a concurrent program that can transfer Oracle Application entity data between database and text file. The loader reads a configuration file to determine which entity to access. In simple words FNDLOAD is used to transfer entity data from one instance/database to other. For example if you want to move a […]

Technical Terms in Oracle Apps explained through real time example

Story The below example explains a few of the important terms and concepts used in the Oracle E-Business Suite. This would be a good starting point for the beginners to better understand the concepts behind Oracle Applications. Say Harry is the owner of a wholesale fruit shop. He buys various fruits like apples, oranges, mangos […]

Oracle Attachment Functionality

About Attachments: Attachment feature enables users to link files like images, word documents, emails, e.t.c to a particular form/function/record.  

Shell Script Tutorial

Topics: Steps to Register Shell Script as a concurrent program Sample Shell Script to copy the file from source to destination Basic Shell Script Commands Steps to Register Shell Script as a concurrent program step 1: ======= Place the <name>.prog script under the bin directory for your applications top directory. For example, call the script ERPS_DEMO.prog […]