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H-Tree or Tree Hierachy structure example.

Step:1 Create a New OAProject Name the Default Package as xxtree.oracle.apps.fnd.treestr and click on next.     Now Connect to Database and Click on Next   Now attach Dbc file and give Username and Password of apps. Step:2 Create AM Right Click on Project—->New Click on ADF Business Component and create a Application Module Click(…)

Create Search Page in OAF

Creating Search Page in OAF: Below is the page we are going to create using which you can search for an employee either by name or number or both. Create EmpSummaryVO with below query Step1: Right click on resources in application navigator and select New View Object Specify package=trng2.oracle.apps.ak.emp.server Name=EmpSummaryVO Step2: skip next steps and(…)

Develop OAF Page to Input Employee Details – Part 2

Please refer to the below link first before proceeding with this article: Develop OAF Page to Input Employee Details – Part 1 In Part -2 of Develop OAF Page to Input Employee Details, we will see how to design various UI components required for the page EmpCreatePG. Creation of Manager LOV: Step1: Create common LOV(…)

Develop OAF Page to Input Employee Details – Part 1

Steps to develop OAF Page to input employee details: Create Entity Object – EmpEO Create View Object – EmpVO Create Application Module – EmpAM Designing the page layout where the user can input employee details Create Controller 1.   Create Entity Object EmpEO Step1: Right click on Resources and select New Entity Object Step2: Specify the(…)

Create Application Module and Controller in OAF

Create Application Module and Controller in OAF: Creating Application Module (AM): Step1: Right click on Resources under project and select “New Application Module” Step2: Specify package “trng2.oracle.apps.ak.hw.server” (AM will be in server) and name “HelloWorldAM” Extends will be used for customizations when to extend seeded objects Step3: You need to select VO if AM need(…)

OAF Architecture

OAF Architecture: 1. Model View Controller: OA Framework is based on the industry-standard J2EE MVC design pattern. The MVC architecture is a component-based design pattern with clean interfaces between the Model, View, and Controller. The Model is where the application implements its business logic. The View is where the application implements its user interface and(…)

Register OAF Page in Oracle Applications

Register OAF page in Oracle Applications We have already seen in our earlier articles about how to configure the OAF and steps to build Hello World page using OAF. In this Tutorial we are going to see how to attach a Hello World Page to Oracle E-Bussiness Suite. 1. Move OAF files to Oracle Apps Server(…)

OAF Hello World Example

  Please refer to “3 Steps to setup jDeveloper for OAF Projects” If you haven’t setup your jDeveloper yet. This article, “oaf hello world example” will help you learn how to Develop Hello world page OAF Page. Create new OA Workspace and Project Set Project properties Create Application Develop OAF Helloworld page Run OAF Page(…)

3 Steps to setup jDeveloper for OAF Projects

Step1: Identify the OAF Version required to install 1.1) First step is to identify the compatible version of OAF for your e-business suite. Not every version of OAF is compatible with every version of e-business suite. Also Note that OAF is only to be used with oracle e-business suite. You can not develop stand alone(…)