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Forms personalization call PLSQL procedure

Many times we need to execute custom PLSQL procedures and we often choose to create concurrent programs to do that but there are certain cases where we need to use¬†forms personalization to call PLSQL procedure. I will take one simple business requirement to help you understand the need for this kind of approach. Let’s say(…)

Forms Personalization Tutorial

Why personalization? Oracle Supports personalization unlike customization Personalizations are stored in tables rather than files Will not have a bigger impact when you upgrade or apply patches to the environment Can be moved easily through FNDLOAD from one instance to other Can be restricted at site/responsibility/user level Easy to disable/enable with click of a button.(…)

Change displayed data in LOV using Forms Personalization

Goal:¬†Change the LOV in “Supplier Name” field in the Find “Invoice Form (AP_APXINWKB)” Navigation: Payables Manager > Entry > Invoices Double Click it to open In the first filed, Supplier Name change LOV In such a way that no one can see the TaxPayerID in LOV. It should be masked with *’s. Navigation: Help Menu(…)

Customizing Self Service Applications using Personalizations

Release 11.5.10 provides a feature called Personalize Page, which gives us the ability to customize the look and feel of the Self Service Applications. Setting the Profile option Personalize Self-Service Defn to “Yes”, enables this feature. If it is set to “No”, the Personalize Page link will not be seen prohibiting you from customizing the(…)